Bozhana Nedelcheva

Prof. Bojana Nedelcheva was awarded the Award for contribution to intellectual property development

The national portal for intellectual property announced prof. Bojana Nedelcheva for the winner of the Award for contribution to intellectual property development.

Professor Bojana Nedelcheva was nominated by consulting agency for intellectual property IPConsulting and received the unanimous support of all members of the committee determining the award.

„Award for contribution to intellectual property development“

Award for contribution to intellectual property development was established in 2006 – ten years ago. This prestigious intellectual property award aims to distinguish people with active position and explicit attitude towards intellectual property problems in the country.

Until now honored with the Award for contribution to intellectual property development are: eng. Tyanko Stoilov (recognized expert in the field of intellectual property, who has been organizing lectures for inventors in Plovdiv for many years), Mrs. Ina Kileva (former Deputy Minister of Culture), Mr. Vladimir Iosifov (longtime director at World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, who works for the promotion of innovation around the world and with his overall work, behavior and international prestige has built a positive image of Bulgaria as a country that is actively present in global IP politics), Dr. Georgi Sarakinov (recognized expert in the field of copyrights), Ivan Georgiev - Rembrandt (1938 - 1994) (painter-founder of abstract expressionism in Bulgaria), Ivo Hadjimishev (the photographer who created the image of the campaign "Piracy robs"), Violeta Radkova (production designer, a prominent representative of the artists in Rousse); Maria Sekerdzhieva (former Deputy Minister of Justice, with prominent position in the negotiation process for the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union - negotiator intellectual property) and Matthew A. Lamberti (United States Department of Justice’s – the first Intellectual Property Law Enforcement coordinator for Eastern Europe).

Prof. Bojana Nedelcheva is a prominent Bulgarian jurist, teacher, scientist and internationally recognized expert in the field of intellectual property. Numerous are her appearances, studies and efforts to build a better IP environment. Her active presence in the overall functioning of the national system of intellectual property of Bulgaria is undisputed - from training students and creating specialists, training of lawyers and executives of different levels, participation in legislative and expert working groups, the creation of researches and formation real practice in the field of intellectual property.

The time is coming when the country will realize the longstanding idea of prof. Nedelcheva that Bulgaria must have a common office and unified code of intellectual property (nowadays such is the administrative organization in France, Poland, Russia, Britain, Croatia and other countries, EU also acts in this direction).