Award winners

The celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day is a good reason for us to look again at the world around us and try seeing our daily round in a new, different way. In other eyes we can appreciate the work of the author of the text of a good song, to admire the beauty of a new building, to profit by someone's invention, to buy another product with our favorite brand.

In the past few years the Bulgarian society not only had to rediscover the value of intellectual property objects, but had to learn how to appreciate and respect them, because they are a product of the creative and engineering genius of many creative individuals. Who are the people that improve intellectual property image and work tirelessly for the recognition of a system, which supports and encourages innovation and creativity?

Considering these questions, the national portal for intellectual property announced awards for persons with the greatest contribution to the development of intellectual property in Bulgaria. Our aim was to render due respect and appreciation of people, who with energy and enthusiasm work for the protection of intellectual property and for its awareness by the society as an object with great commercial value: Vladimir Yosifov, Ina Kileva, d-r eng. Krastyo Iliev, Tyanko Stoilov, Georgi Sarakinov, Ivan Georgiev - Rembrand, Ivo Hadzhimishev, Maria Serkedzhieva, Violeta Radkova, Matthew A. Lamberti, Bozhana Nedelcheva, Vladislav Lambrev, Patent Bureau “Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners”.