Georgi Sarakinov

Mr. Georgi Sarakinov is a Doctor of Law, an expert on intellectual property rights. He is a longtime legal adviser to the former Copyright Agency, chairman of the Interim Board for radio-frequency and television channels (1992-1995), an expert at the Parliamentary Commission for Culture and Media in 36th, 37th, 38th and 39th National Assembly.

Mr. Sarakinov is the author of the books „Copyright and related rights in the Republic of Bulgaria”, „Trademark rights in the Republic of Bulgaria”, „Patent Law in the Republic of Bulgaria”, „Collective management of copyright and related rights” and „Copyright in music”.

Mr. Sarakinov is an undisputed expert working for the improvement of the Bulgarian legislation in the field of copyright and the implementation of European directives. He has always insisted on the work of artists to be protected in the most effective and legally sound manner. His numerous articles and materials have been the occasion for discussions and have given and give impetus to the improvement of the legal framework and the demand for flexible and appropriate solutions to emerging issues.