Ivan Georgiev - Rembrand

The forbidden artist or the father of abstract expressionism in Bulgarian painting.

We received the proposal for nomination of the great Bulgarian artist from connoisseurs of his work, who wish to celebrate 70 years from the birth of Ivan Georgiev in a dignified manner. On this occasion in the capital were opened two exhibitions almost at the same time - in SAG (Sofia Art Gallery) (4-28 April) and in „Debut“gallery (26 March-14 April).

The artist got his nickname Rembrandt back in his students’ years, but it is related mostly with the purity of his line, not with his style. His early paintings are similar to European modernism, some people relate them to impressionism, but above all they have no analogue in Bulgarian art in the 60's and 70's. Later the artist delves into the recesses of the abstract and expressive. The bright personality of Ivan Georgiev and his experimental spirit do not fit in official understanding of art at that time and he falls among forbidden artists. He waives participation in collective exhibitions by himself, after the jury rejected his picture in 1966. So, in his lifetime the artist had no private or collective exhibition. His first exhibition is organized by the art expert Maksimilian Kirov in „Vitosha“gallery, a year after the death of Ivan Georgiev. Today he is among the most modern and sought after artists, highly appreciated by the public and collectors.