Ivo Hadzhimishev

The person, who created an endless gallery of images of ordinary and famous people, who imprinted many human stories, as well as valuable historical moments. For many years he was a correspondent for the Associated Press, one of the founders of the magazine “Sega”, an active journalist and photojournalist. From his first exhibition in 1975 in the halls of the Royal Photographic Association in England, where he presents portraits of figures emblematic at that time in Bulgaria, till his last exhibition in Brussels, which again consists of portraits, there are more than 30 years of creative work. He is an author of the portraits of famous Bulgarian intellectuals, who took part in the campaign of Ministry of Culture „Piracy robs“.

„I am very happy, that I got the trust of Ministry of Culture, particularly of Mrs. Kileva, to make the portraits of these Bulgarian creative artists, intellectuals, people of show business. The Minister of Culture also participated in the campaign with his voice. This is a successful demonstration in front of the world, in front of civilized Europe, of this what the country makes for copyright protection. Now it is obvious, that there is a state policy for observing this hygiene. If Bulgarians learn, everyone in his field, to obey the rules, this will be the guarantee that we will live in a real democratic society” says Ivo Hadjimishev in an interview for „Bulgarian Diplomatic Review“. Exhibition with these posters is shown also in Rousse.