d-r eng. Krastyo Iliev

On the eve of the World Intellectual Property Day, the national portal for intellectual property – www.ipbulgaria.bg announced its decision - D-r eng. Krastio Iliev to be honored with„Award for contribution to the development of intellectual property ®”

The winner of the already established in professional circles "Award for contribution to the development of intellectual property ®" D-r eng. Krastio Iliev is an engineer by education. He started his professional career in “Struma” factory, then began to actively deal with innovation as a research associate at the Institute of Mechanical Technology, where he worked for 13 years. In 1968 he became a senior research associate, and in 1970 as a result of researches defended Ph.D. in Odessa Institute. Eng. Iliev is an inventor with 3 inventions, a result from his achievements in research and development activity. This experience was valuable during his work in Council of Ministers as an adviser for licensing activity. After that he became a head of the Institute of Inventions and Rationalization. During his presidency in 1982 Bulgaria was the first host of the first Forum of patent organizations. Under the direction of eng. Iliev much is achieved in Bulgaria for raising the level of experts dealing with intellectual property. He paid special attention to the preparation and insurance of inventors, as an indisputable fact is that in 1987 there were 4200 filed applications for inventions. In comparison, currently ten times less, 300-450 applications are made per year. Also, d-r eng. Iliev actively worked for Bulgaria's accession to the International Patent Cooperation Treaty, as a result of which Bulgarian inventors have the opportunity for easier and cheaper of their inventions outside the country, and also the ability to use information on innovation carried out in the world. He carried out active cooperation with WIPO and developed a programme for developing the intellectual potential of young people in Bulgaria. Following the adoption of the Law on Patents in 1993, d-r Iliev was the first president of the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria. A lecturer and an active supporter of the education in "Economics and Management of Intellectual Property” subject, started in UNWE. Later d-r Iliev is a Bulgarian and European patent attorney, an industrial property representative, works in Bulgarian Industrial Association and is a prominent expert in the field of intellectual property, respected by many colleagues throughout the world and a symbol of Bulgarian IP professional community.