Tyanko Stoilov

Tyanko Stoilov is an engineer, a patent specialist, an industrial property representative in front of the Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria, in front of the European Patent Office and the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (for registered trademark and design).

1957 - graduated with an excellent diploma the Food Institute in Plovdiv.

1957-1959 – a teacher of chemistry and wine in the Agriculture High school in Sadovo, Plovdiv.

1959-1964 – a chief engineer of the food industry companies to Regional administration, Plovdiv.

1964-1974 – a head of department „Technical progress, inventiveness and rationalizations” in one of the biggest canning factories in Bulgaria, factory „1st May”, Plovdiv.

1974-1976 – a head of department „Technical progress, inventiveness and rationalizations” in regional company „Bulgarplod”, Plovdiv, combining 5 large canning factories and commercial organizations, engaged in the largest production and trade in the country and in export abroad of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables.

He was a head of rationalizational and inventive activities in the system of Ministry of Agriculture. By that time, in these two major companies, rationalizational and inventive activity was on the first place in the system of Ministry of Agriculture.

1976-1989 – a director of department „Inventions, rationalizations and patenting” of the thirty thousandth (30 000) Scientific and production complex in Plovdiv, where worked many scientists and specialists in different areas. The complex united: three national research institutes – the Institute for vegetable crops „Maritsa”, the Institute of fruit-growing and Institute of canning industry; 5 large canning factories, 7 large agricultural companies, 3 ancillary businesses servicing the complex; a computing center; largest organization in the country for trade in the domestic and export market of fresh fruits and vegetables. By that time the complex is repeatedly a leader in the system of Ministry of Agriculture for incorporating of inventions and rationalizations.

1981-1989 – by that time the annual national reviews of young inventors were held on the territory of International trade fair in Plovdiv, where Tyanko Stoilov was a consultant of the innovators and rationalizators.

1991 – at the World exhibition of young inventors, held on the territory of the International Plovdiv trade fair, Tyanko Stoilov was a consultant for industrial property and a manger of the stand of WIPO and Patent office.

1989-1994 – a director of the Industrial property center in Plovdiv, which was a branch of the Institute for rationalizations (nowadays the Patent office).

After 1973 Tyanko Stoilov is a lecturer of industrial property, patenting, fundamentals of engineering / technical creativity, innovation policy. He lectured at several universities in Plovdiv, as well as in many cities in the country under Scientific-technical unions (STU). He is a founding member of the Regional STU of the inventors in Plovdiv, Union of Inventors in Bulgaria and Intellectual Property Association of Bulgaria. More than 10 years he was a president of the Regional STU of the inventors in Plovdiv. For 20 years every month in the House of art and science, he used to give free talks and lectures about the problems of intellectual property and recent amendments to the Bulgarian and European legislation.

Tyanko Stoilov is a member of the National executive board and the Supervisory board of the Association of Intellectual Property in Bulgaria. During the two annual international trade fairs in Plovdiv, under the auspices of the Regional STU, Plovdiv, he gave free consultations about the objects of intellectual property to help inventors, professionals and businessmen.

On 24 November 2006 on behalf of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (BCC)-Sofia, the Institute of Economics at BAS, the Scientific community in the Club of Economic Studies and entrepreneurial activity in Bulgaria and Bulgarian School of prudent management of the Trade College in Plovdiv, a Certificate for contribution to social science and business in Bulgaria and to the transition to market economy is granted to Tyanko Stoilov.

Eng. Tyanko Stoilov is among the first winners of the Honorary diploma for contribution to intellectual property development in Bulgaria, established by the national portal for intellectual property.