Vladimir Yosifov

Mr. Vladimir Yosifov has been working in the headquarters of the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva since 1981. He started as a specialist in „Industrial property” department, passed through „Cooperation and assistance to developing countries” department, he is a director of „Infrastructure services and innovation” department.

In all the years working in WIPO, Mr. Yosifov invariably assists all Bulgarian institutions and organizations, engaged with the development and protection of intellectual property. He has often been a guest speaker in many seminars organized by the Bulgarian Patent office and BCCI (Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry), thus helping for building a modern and efficient structure of intellectual property in Bulgaria. In his lectures, Mr. Yosifov has always been underlining the economic potential of patents, trademarks and other objects of industrial property as well as the opportunities they offer for development of small and medium businesses in the country.

He is one of the few Bulgarians, who have achieved high position in a large international organization, thanks to his personal qualities and professionalism. With his entire work and activities Mr. Yosifov has always been improving the prestige of Bulgaria, of the Bulgarian inventor and innovator. Without his personal efforts and professional contacts a great part of the achievements of Bulgaria in the past few years in the field of intellectual property wouldn’t be possible.